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Wedding Prayer

Blessed are you, Lord our God,

who designed us to walk

in unity with one other and with you.

May our unity reflect the divine relationship

between the triune God – Father, Spirit and Son.

For you created us to worship

with beauty and delight,

to combat darkness through compassion,

faith, fellowship and love.

Bless and purify our love.

Whether awake or asleep,

in celebration or sorrow,

poor or rich, sick or strong,

may our commitment to one another

reflect your commitment to us.

May our marriage celebrate the marriage

between God the Father and the church, His Bride.

May we never take the miracle of this love for granted

but bask in the wondrous truth

that God has chosen us as lover and friend.

Holy God,

we ask for the abundance of your being

through all time.

May our marriage be life-giving and life-long,

strengthened by divine grace

and enriched by a peace that transcends understanding.

May the words that we say in covenant

bear witness to the everlasting Word.

May they rise like worship before your throne.

May we, as man and wife, instill confidence

by confiding in one another with humble honesty.

May we bear one another's burdens

with gentleness, patience and trust;

and may our relationship

bring the kingdom of God to earth

in our family, heart and home.


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