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To The Hellos & Goodbyes of A Year Gone By & The New One To Come.



It was like a xylophone; the wind soft and breathing my face; my fear, my forehead-----our faith. I think of you, of the world all cloud and cover in this South Florida weather.

New Years are a little like reflectors; champagne glasses like mirrors that remind us of recentlys and remember-whens.

It's January 5th; five days after the first day of the New Year (when this post should've been uploaded). I've allowed myself to be distracted. At one point in my life I might've been disappointed by my own delays, but now I don't mind; all the things that have kept me from keeping my own deadlines are invaluable. 

Yes, I agree. It is vital to respect time, especially if it affects those around us. But, you know this, there are certain objectives that are not meant to supersede ambition but support it. This blog seems an example of this: its posts are all sporadic and disorganized.

And it's okay; I'm content with this. I'll listen to Lorde and the lawn-mower, and I'll think about 2018 as the year I refused to write resolutions. Like a remix, I figured that it would be a season for reviving old and continuous commitments.

This year is different. I have chosen a few resolutions for 2019. However, I think last year taught me the beauty of consistency. How the monotony of pursuing long-established goals often requires a renewing of old mindsets.

And regularity doesn't always restrict; rather, the stability of it often allows us to embrace distraction and precious unexpectedness.


This is my pray for you at the start of this new year:

That you would return to the ambition that repeats itself year after year refreshed, celebrating the simple distractions that remind you that old, deadened goals are still worth pursuing.



These are the words of God: I'll promise to take care of you; to bring you home. I know what I'm doing. My plans for you will prosper----they will give you a future of hope. When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I'll listen. When you come looking for me, you will find me. Yes, when you are serious about finding me in the midst of all else, I won't disappoint. I'll turn things around for you, bringing you back from countries of evil. I promise this.

---- Jeremiah 29:13-14


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