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The Ration Challenge, Lizzie Husum.

Good-afternoon friends,

It is such an honour to welcome Lizzie Husum to the blog today. This dear friend of mine often helped me with the Language and International Subdivision of the Magdalen Magazine, and, despite the distances between homelands and Universities, I feel so blessed that we've been able to stay in touch over the years.

Lizzie is taking part in the 2019 Ration Challenge, which means that for a week she eats the same food rations as a Syrian refugee in order to raise money. These funds will help to provide food, medicine and education for Syrian refugees. I've been so inspired watching Lizzie's daily Instagram updates, and I'm thankful she allowed me to publish her post here! (read below).

So many of you have also been posting reminders online, donating to Sudan (and other countries in need around the world). Thank you. Thank you for not losing sight of what is so precious in this life: the chance to share with others in our hope and security.

For if there is anything we can do anything at all, let us. Even if that be through prayers, words and/or finances, let us be a generation known for generosity. Known for our open-hands.



Today is Day 6 of the Refugee Ration Challenge. The Ration Challenge is a worldwide-week where all volunteers (myself included) eat the same rations as a Syrian Refugee. Let me tell you already: It has not been easy!

BUT knowing every donation I get goes directly to providing refugees with food, medicine and education makes it all worth it. World Refugee Day is all about people coming together to celebrate the contribution refugees make to our society while raising awareness, remembering and honouring the ongoing journey of refugees.

Despite the hunger I've experienced since day one, the biggest challenge for me has been choice. To have such limited variations of what (and how much) I can eat is such a struggle. Especially when everyone around me eats whatever they want to, like I normally would.

It's been really, really tough so far, but I am only experiencing a tiny part of the suffering the refugees experience every day. And they have already lived through so much terror and trauma. Millions have been forced out of their homes because of conflicts and/or natural disasters. I might not be able to change the system and save them all, but by doing this challenge I can show them that I stand with them and tell them they matter. I see them and I am willing to support them with whatever I can. Me, who is sitting here in my safe home in my warm bed writing on my expensive computer with my expensive smart phone next to me. I know where my next meal will come from, every day. I have endless options as what to choose from. I never have to go to bed hungry. I was lucky enough to be born in a better and more privilege part of the world.

Yes, I struggle at times as well. I do not have a lot of money as a student. But I have plenty more than they will ever have, and there is something so inspiring about sharing the little I have with someone else who needs it more.

As I end this post, I'd like to encourage you to join me in this Ration Challenge - to share what you have with the thousands of refugees that are victim to conflict and disaster. Any donation - large or small - will make every bit of difference. Just £17.92 provides one week of food rations for an entire refugee family. At the moment, my goal is to raise £350.00 within the week, and I've already reached 68% (£237.52). Would you think about donating to my Challenge, or beginning on your own in any way you can? Click below for the link:

Lizzie Husum


If you'd like to support the cause, you can donate via the link at the bottom of the post. The humanitarian agency behind this initiative is Concern Worldwide.


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