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Shoes To Suit Every Season

I have always loved shoes. Little miss shoes. That's what my great grandfather used to call me. I would wear those little, red sparkles all the way to Oz and back---as if they were my wonderland-staple.

But that was when I was five, and now, fifteen years later, I am sorting through my wardrobe with the interest to see which shoes have been---and remain---my choice for any occasions.

I'm sure we all have preferences, but I know I've learned that football cleats don't necessarily suit that bright pink crop, and boots aren't always practical if you live in all-year-summer-Florida.

Fashion is about experimenting---taking risks, so here are a few successes from the days of trial-and-error. I hope that my fails might just save you some time as you create your own shoe-style. Let it be original & full of flair.

to start, brown boots are my staple.

and I own two pairs. the first, a rich, brilliant colour with around a two-and-a-half inch heel. I dressed them up, dressed them down. With folded up, boyfriend jeans. With black tights. With plaid trousers and a thick belt. With maroon skirts and striped socks.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the heel of the first came off after about two years, and so, yesterday, I purchased a newpair of a similar colour. the heel is a bit shorter and made of all rubber, so that walking on wood is quieter, which I think I prefer. Above is the Tan Elasticated Side Chelsea Boots, from New Look.

second, nike runners.

I bought these shoes with one of my first paychecks earned as a barista. Because we were required to wear black shoes, because runners are easy slip-on, slip-off, walking, running shoes, and really, because, i always wanted pair of nikes, these shoes were a top choice. They still are.

The black is classic. And because the thick sole adds some height, which i love, the cushioned sole makes me feel bouncier.

third, eclectic-colour.

So my colour choice is a bright-but-muted, blue-tartan pair of boots. I absolutely love these, and I wear them with everything. The style is all-its-own so whether or not they match, it's okay. I purchased mine from Ness, Scotland. Why not try side-stepping neutral every once in a while? I promise it's worthwhile.

fourth, french flats.

I recently purchased a pair of greyish-purple flats with a somewhat pointed toe, and yes yes yes. I feel so elegant without feeling excessive. They are simple and sweet. I purchased these at New Look, but most shoe stores carry a variety.

I hardly ever wear flats---and these two have the smallest, little heel with a silver band between, which adds a bit of stylistic touch---but I have found them to be quite comfortable. sometimes its about trying something new and breaking-it-in for a few days.

five, black heels.

I have worn these for over four years, performed on stages across the world---South Florida to Scotland---and they are a sure staple because they match everything. Wear them to a dance. slip them on and off between steps. Black heels are always ideal for black tie events, such as funerals and weddings and anniversaries, but paired with jeans and a funky necklance, heels can often be considered casual wear too.

My friends,

Be bold.

Also, I'm always looking for new ideas! I'd love to read/receive style-tips from you. comment/message below.

With all my love,


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Feb 27, 2018

I love shoes also, but always flats sadly. I love heels on other people but I cannot walk in them. My preference is for coloured shoes and I`m on the hunt for a pair of bright green ballerina type shoes!

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