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My Friends

It is wonderful to sit before you. I wish you a beautiful good-morning, good-evening, good-afternoon.

It's that in-between, dusky-rainy kind of day outside. I just woke up so i'm finishing my coffee as I write at my desk. someday, i'll show you, if you'd like to see? for now, i'll just say that this desk is the most inspiringdistracting place to study, especially in the morning.

Look up. See all the postcards & old photographs, quotes & fairy lights, ticket stubs from orchestra sales & the map with a heart around home. The Crosely still sings of Christmas vinyl.

To the left of my room, there is my wall-length window & it makes me so happy. I'm underneath falling rain | warm & dry & cuddled-up under white light.

I'm still a student so having a sort-of 'office' space in my apartment makes being productive easier. It also means that while i can separate work from uni and uni from life, all the things I love and learn live together.

This upcoming semester, I complete my undergraduate degree in English with Creative Writing at the University of Dundee, and so, as a heads-up, i'm sure you will find that a majority of my upcoming posts will be about literature & learning. But, my dear friends, I would love to take you with me, to learn with and from you, as I learn how to be both content a n d c u r i o u s.


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