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Choosing Calligraphy Pens

When it comes to art & ink, there are hundred of writing utensils to choose from. I cannot begin to count the brands I have chosen over the years; and, between all those fine-tipped, thick-stroked pens, I have finally narrowed down the list to my few favourite. I tend to carry these around with me, and that way, all my note-taking, journaling, schedule-planning, budgeting, book-editing tasks are completed in the same style and size.

Although a range of different colours, ink splotches, and writing tools on hand can be fun, and add a bit of life to a specific art project or diary, having a consistent signature--font is also quite creative.

One disclaimer. This post isn't necessarily about which pen is the best because, the truth is that different pens and pencils write differently, and are perfect for different applications and different situations.

Okay, with all of that in mind, whether you're looking for a more standard professional, or interesting in purchasing a set of calligraphy pens, here are my top choices from 2017:

I recently returned to using the waterproof/fade-proof Eye Micro Rollerball UB-150 in black, size: 0.5mm. It's perfect because the tip keeps the ink flowing consistently so that there is no need to worry about the pen jamming or the colour suddenly running out. This pen can also be purchased in blue and red.

I have recently begun to use the Manuscript Callicreative Italic Marker Pack of 4, and I highly recommend them! These markers have a long-lasting black, "washable" ink. They come in a pack of four markers; each tip a different size (1.4mm, 2.5mm, 3.6mm and 4.8mm). Despite the fact these pens are not the same calibre as one of with a steel tip would be, they look seamless and smooth on the page. It is also much easier to adjust to using them as they have a similar point to that of a sharpie.

What are some of your favourite pens? I'd be interesting in hearing which style/structure pen you prefer most. I love to test out new utensils; sometimes its that strange, weighted feel of a new pen in hand inspires me to try something bold and experimental.


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