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In 'The Age Of Everything Is Very Beautiful'

Think of those people. The ones you hate. The ones that call themselves blessed because everything in their life is beautiful.

You don't dislike them because their lives are perfect. No, it is because their lives have always been so, and the foreseeable future promises them the same beautiful now.

Think of them. The ones you hate. The ones that call themselves blessed despite everything in their life breaking apart.

And you wonder why they do not accept the broken, and you wish they would sigh and admit that sometimes life is just not quite so lovely. Because often enough, it isn't. Isn't that a fact you've come to know well.

Think of them who remain calm despite.

Do you hate the jealousy that leaves you to feel the absence of beauty in the face of perfection? Do you hate the jealousy that internalises self-hatred in spite of all the love you have been given?

Do you hate the guilt that consumes you when those who are impoverished call themselves blessed? Do you hate the guilt that admonishes you when people respond to struggle in smile?

Do you smile?

in the insane. in the terrifying. the exhausting. overwhelming. in the remarkable. in the unbelief. the boundless. beautiful.

Do you embrace it----all of it?

We all have a purpose. And living a purposeful life is better than living a perfect one.

It's overwhelming, I know. There is no way we can be perfect by all standards. And sometimes it feels like we have ruined the meaning of 'blessed,' repeating in an effort to avoid confronting the chaos of our lives. We forget that beauty is not perfection; it is not pain. It is knowing----embracing---welcoming the holy within.

To be blessed is to be made holy. And that comes from within. It does not come from the external.

As a Christian, I know that Jesus resurrects and restores the holy within in our lives. It is his holy within that reminds us that we are blessed despite.

Let us seek out this holy within----the holy one within----that guides us as we follow the path before us; as we learn to pursue our purpose to seek peace in the midst of the chaos that traps us in its self-doubt and self-hatred. Let the holy one within free us, revealing the beauty of a heaven on earth.


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