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Grow Unto Yourself, Guest Post by Stephanie Koetsier

Sometimes-------most times, really------risk is writing. Or, writing, risk. I guess it depends on the themes & times & topics. And it takes a whole lot of sincerity and humility to take a risk. This beautiful friend of mine lives this. I'm thrilled to welcome Stephanie Koetsier to the blog this morning.

I remember when we first met in a creative writing course. She read the cleverest story about a new world------something uncanny, something familiar & strange. See, I didn't know much about Sci-Fi back when, but after a few years and this friendship, I think I'm understanding the power of this genre. And now, Stephanie has taken a risk-----which is basically the testimony of a true artist; she's written a poem about beauty and growth, and it is brilliant. Read below:


You've heard about the British Rose,

but what about a sunflower?

Why must we grow into something beautiful,

rather than something visibly joyous?

Does art inspire eternally,

or only fleetingly?

Art is not delicate,

nor is it pretty.

So why should I be?

Paint me sun yellow,

and capture only my warmth.

Remember the laugh lines and the goofy grin,

my details of a life well spent.

Give me your pretty,

I'll turn it colourful.

How can you say beauty mellows,

if feeling still transpire?

An admired appearance fogs with time,

a fondly-thought soul withers never.

I lived to evoke joy,

I lived for hope and for laughter.

So worry not if you are

a sunflower in a row of roses,

grow unto yourself,

and generations will notice.

Stephanie Koetsier


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