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Dear Unsettling World 2017

Dear Unsettling World 2017,

We predict your future based on your past. We doubt, we fear, we wander.

We watched bombs fall from the sky. We waited for death. We wrestled with debts. We won battles and lost wars. We were victorious in Sport. We voted and compromised and calculated. We left the EU and elected a president. We became spokespeople for the day-to-day, the internet at our disposal. We sought antidotes for viruses. We risked our lives. We lived comfortably.

We worked over what could not have been changed, and we changed as a Nation.

We rescued children. We withheld hope to be given none.

We graduated and we continued to learn.

We sued companies to promote The Callous and Cold. We angered and attacked. We apologised.

We studied the Middle Eastern Map, and we viewed each other in relation to ourselves.

We are here. Now. All of us.

We choose to close our eyes. We see a future, a past, a present within.

And we promise to live and love,

not to-spite loss,

but despite it.


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