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Good Morning Devotions on a Rainy Day: 2nd Thessalonians 2v10b


Dearest friends,

Good morning / afternoon / evening

I hope you are well whenever this post reaches you. I thought I would begin my day a little differently by sharing it with you.

I think some of you might already know this after reading some of my uploaded posts, but I am a Christian. My faith is the most treasured thing in my life.

Christ has been the one constant promise, from my childhood all the way until now. And although I may still be young, I am blessed to carry the confidence of one who has lived her whole life and never once felt betrayed, left-behind or abandoned.

I have been betrayed. Left-behind. Abandoned. Many times. By people who never had the strength to keep the promises they made in the first, and it's alright because I understand. The beauty of a good friendship is the knowing that failing is inevitable---the world is chaotic and messy sometimes.

But in Jesus. In Jesus, I always have peace. It is a lasting peace that understands my struggle and strengthens my pursuit of becoming the kind of friend who is present: more intentional and always aware.

Someday, if you'd like, I'll write a post about my story-------the moment I first encountered Christ and the memories after. Some of them are comical and full of a wild unexpectedness, while others still remind me of the hurting, the healing and all the praise in between.


But, for now, return to this morning with me?


2nd Thessalonians 2v10 might seem like a sad verse, but I promise there's a hope in it. The section is all about the lawlessness at work in the world------about how so many people cling to the power of false promises. The excerpt focuses on how many have perished because they "refused to love the truth and so be saved."

There is so much depth written in the three chapters of this book as well as wider context founded in this section specifically, however, I'd like to share with you what encouraged me this morning about the phrase above.

If we read the verse again, we can see it in layers: Truth is often hard to love. The reality of life in relationships and singleness, in sickness and health, in failure and striving, in discouragement and ever-changing plans, in the lack and the abundance is often hard and heavy. Sometimes all we want to do is discard it. Reject and avoid this reality.

It is not always easy to love truth because it often feels empty of hope.  

However, the promise of peace found in Jesus is eternal. In John 14:6, Jesus reminds all those listening that he is "the Way, and the Truth, and the Life."

Even when we cannot find the strength to love the things we see around us, if we focus on loving Jesus, we will never feel let down by the world. It can hold no power over our heart if we keep our eyes fixed on the Truth and choose to Love.   

And even when we cannot find the heart to choose Love, there is another layer of comfort here. In 1st John 4:19, we are reminded that the power to love is ours because God loved us first. Despite our inability to overcome pain and/or overlook hurt, we were and will continue to be loved.

Strength emerges when we embrace this. No matter what "truths" try to tear away at our relationship with Jesus, His promise of unconditional love fills us with the courage needed to face the reality of things with both discernment and compassion.


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Be Still by Hillsong Worship // + (just the cross) by Influencers Worship // You're Beautiful by Jon Thurlow // Highs & Lows by Hillsong Young and Free // Eyes on You by Mosaic MSC // Hallelujah Here Below (Paradoxology) by Elevation Worship // Fragments II by Uttkucan Eken //

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