In Situ,

 voicenotes from artists around the world 

In Situ: derived from Latin, In Situ refers to a work of art that is made specifically for an exhibition site, taking into account the place where it is set to be installed and displayed. As a result, these works often compliment their surroundings, namely the architecture that frames it. When relocated, these compositions often lose part of their context, elements of their meaning. Remaining In Situ is a vital aspect in understanding and interpreting the art. 

In Situ: A Podcast consider this definition in relation to the artists. How creativity is a response, a gorgeous, unfolding process. This podcast meets with contemporary artists to discuss projects at the forefront of their focus-----to discuss the way that the architecture of daily life affects the way their work moulds to malleable livingness. 

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In Situ, Introductory Episode.  

In Situ, A Podcast: Episode One 


My name is Shanley McConnell, the host of In Situ. I am currently reading Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, having previously completed an MST in English and Creative Writing from the University of Scotland.  

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with Anya Gleizer

In Situ, A Podcast: Episode Two 

Anthrometamorphosis: It was an honor to collaborate as a fellow-performer (violinist) with Anya Gleizer, president and founder of The Flute and the Bowl. Anthrometamorphosis responds to the heart of anthropology in its reflection on the transformation, loss and reconciliation that has taken place within the landscape of native Evenkia, Siberia. It explores the performative nature of anthropology as well as the changing choreography of this discipline throughout history. After being awarded the Mansfield-Ruddock Art Prize, Anya performed a Anthrometamorphosis in the main entrance hall of Mansfield College, Oxford, where two of her sculptures are currently displayed.